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Erin Quinn

Erin Quinn brings 30 years of dancing experience to Kalamazoo Dance Academy – experience that has brought her from the stage with “Riverdance,” to the White House, to television screens in Korea, and to multiple stops in between.

Quinn opened the Quinn School of Irish Dance in 2001, almost 20 years after beginning her own career.

She says she hopes hard work brings her students success and life skills that go beyond the dance studio or the stage.

"It's about improving and doing things to the best of your abilities," Quinn said. "Set a goal and aspire to achieve it and work hard to get there."

More than a decade of teaching also has taught Quinn some lessons. Methods that were successful for her or that might be successful for some of her students are not always successful for other students.

"People learn differently," she said, stressing the value of patience. "You have to adjust the way you explain things, say the same things but in different ways."

Quinn’s career also has brought her many life experiences. In 1999, she was part of a small group of dancers invited to perform at the White House for President and Mrs. Clinton during their St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

She also has been a member of the Riverdance Flying Squad, performing with them intermittently for about five years, and toured Europe with the Trinity Irish Dance Company. Additionally, she was one of the dancers featured in an Irish dance-themed television commercial for LG Electronics that aired primarily in Korea.

Quinn said the experiences have made her more open-minded, more open to new things and experiences – values she hopes to share with her students.
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